Know Your Writing Style

My business partner Debbie is an amazing writer. Her memoir-in-progress is absolutely incredible and literary. Her voice when she writes can break your heart. Soon I’ll interview her on my blog and maybe get her to share an excerpt, so stay tuned for that!

I love reading her stuff, and I love reading other literary work – but writing that way myself is just NOT going to happen. I once tried to write a more literary piece about a serious topic, but somehow, no matter what I did, my characters refused to cooperate. They needed to be lighthearted and funny, and they needed to participate in ridiculous escapades. One day I’ll finish that story without forcing it to be highbrow.

Writing should be enjoyable and natural, not some huge painful slog. If your style is literary, then by all means, give us all some award-winning genius to read. If you’re artsy and love wacky descriptions and long run-on sentences, have at ‘er. But if you’re like me and more inclined to write bubblegum, easy-to-comprehend-even-when-you’re-three-cocktails-deep-poolside guilty pleasure fiction, then that’s ok too!

Know your style and be confident. The world needs lots of genres and no matter what, there are people out there who will want to read what you’ve written.

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