WhySoMillennial on Living With Your Parents as an Adult

*Disclaimer: I do not currently live with my parent(s).

At various times and for various reasons, I admit to having moved home to live with a parent or two throughout my twenties. The internet is correct, millennials are different from previous generations, whoop-dee-doo.

My 30 year old sister temporarily moved home recently and was feeling pretty bad about it. I told her I’d move in with our mom again in a heartbeat. It’s fucking great living with our mom as an adult. She is basically a food and booze hoarder, she keeps the house super warm, she is the last person on earth who still has cable (the forgotten goldmine of tv). She bakes and cooks elaborate meals… I really don’t see a downfall here.

Usually when this issue comes up, people are either criticizing young people for failing to launch (Zooey Deschanel is the star of that movie if you ask me) or feeling sorry for baby-boomers who justwishtheiridiotkidswouldgetout.

What crap. I have multiple parents and step-parents and none of them would be sad if I came home. I’m entertaining. I have entertaining friends who bring bottles of wine over and talk about politics and movies and their hilariously failing relationships. I help cook and I clean the bathroom sometimes.

If anything, it would make more sense for your parent to not want to live with you when you were a boring, dependant, whiney child. Like between 12 and 18. Those kids are the worst.

My point is that people should stop focusing on the reasons millennials live at home as adults and deciding that it’s wrong (yes, we all have student debt, stop reminding us). It’s only society telling you that an empty nest is better than a full one.

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