Rita Davie is a writer, lawyer, and entrepreneur (in no particular order). She writes commercial women’s fiction and is currently writing, revising, editing, workshopping and polishing two finished manuscripts.

When she’s avoiding her own writing, Rita is a voracious reader of books in almost every genre: from horror to fantasy to non-fiction. She is a beta reader for Overhaul My Novel and has a keen interest in helping other aspiring writers put their best work forward, whether they wish to publish traditionally or self-publish.

Why choose Rita to edit your manuscript?

Rita has experience in the following areas, besides the obvious technical and creative writing knowledge:

  • law, governance, politics, policing and courts
  • corporate organization and business
  • medicine and healthcare (her first degree included 3 years of a Bachelor’s in Nursing)
  • psychology, including abnormal psychology and human development
  • art (painting, drawing, woodworking, sculpture)
  • family relationships (from practicing family law, plus being a child of multiple divorces, marriages, and step-families)
  • social phenomena (from media to brand names to celebrity gossip)
  • Canada (she’s lived almost everywhere, from the North, to the West Coast, to the prairies, to the Capital)
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